Sydney Royal Easter Show 2008


Yesterday we went to the Easter show with Nanny & Poppy and had the most fabulous day. The weather was JUST PERFECT. Not too warm and with a nice breeze to take a bit of the heat out of the sun. The main reason for the trip was to see all the animals so I explained to girls before we left there would not be lots of rides for them (they can go on all they want when we go to Surfers in 3 weeks time) and just 2 showbags – one food and on crap – oops, I mean novelty :-). We ended up coming in the back entrance which meant we were going the opposite way to the crowds – which was great.

First we got showbags (no crowds) and put them in a locker.


We then went through the art and food pavilions. I just LOVED this easter show cake – so clever.


A highlight was doing the animal walk and seeing lots of farm animals.


The girls got to help sheer a sheep.


As always the baby ducks were a favourite. Though Christy loved watching the newly hatched chicks even more. We couldn’t get her away.


Personally I loved the cows.


This is how I found Kevin after going through the dog pavillion. No, he isn’t drunk or exhausted – he had a sore back….