5 months post op

Whosh… there goes another month. It’s now 5th months since I had WLS. Can’t believe it really. I’ve lost another 3kg (I think) for a total of 31.3kg (69lbs). I know I could do better with the weight loss (just need to give up the few “treats” I have every day), but overall I’m pretty darn happy with how I’m going. School holidays start today and next weekend we’re headed off for a 2 week holiday to Surfers Paradise. It’s going to such a different experience and I so can’t wait to ride a roller coaster and see how well I fit in the seats (instead of squeezing in). It’s going to be so fun being a “normal, though still overweight” person on holidays.

Anyway, here I am today – not looking terribly glamorous as it’s an at home day – weighing 93.3kg (205lbs).



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