A Day in my Life – April 14th


Well, it’s that time of month when I join Little Jenny Wren in a day in my life. Today it’s school holidays and the main plan is the clean downstairs, take Rosie to the vets, then do some fun things this afternoon. It’s a wet, cold, drizzly day so perfect for being indoors.


I was up bright and early at 4.30am this morning. And once I wake there’s usually no going back to sleep so I got up and spent the next few hours on the computer reading blogs, uploading photos, working on my own blog and adding some blogs to google reader – this morning I added pickelbums (not too sure where the title comes from yet), vanilla joy, and whimsy & wonder (a great gal from the Frugal Aussie yahoo group).

At 7.20 I pried my backside off my seat. Both girls were now awake (Amy was up before me and Christy had just woken). I ran them a bath, made beds and went off my have my shower. Being Monday morning I hopped on the scales for my weekly weigh in and took my measurements. Not a lot happening on the scales but my measurements are continuing to drop.

At 8am I was all dressed, back downstairs to put on the girls clothes to be washed.


Amy made our breakfast, scrambled eggs and baked beans, and I made French Toast for Christy.


After breakfast I tidied the kitchen, put on some bread to bake for lunch, and got back online to get us tickets to go see Disney on Ice in June. After 15mins I managed to get us front row tickets – hurray!!!

Next up the girls helped me to clean downstairs – this includes tidying, dusting, cleaning glass surfaces, vacuuming and mopping the floors. With their help I was done in just over an hour.


I then hung out the washing and the sun was just trying to pop out through the clouds. I did our menu plan for the next 5 days.

At 11am we took Rosie into the vets. Poor girl had her bandage (and a bit of fur) taken off and has to go back tomorrow to have a drain put it, as she’s gotten a bit of an infection. Gee, do you think Rosie actually knows she’s a dog? She taken to hoping up on the seat beside me when we go the vets – too funny. One man was in stitches watching her today, then she tried to sit on my lap :-).



Stopped to get some rolls for Christy on the way home and treated myself to some fresh flowers (since the house looks so nice and tidy).


We had pumpkin soup and fresh bread for lunch.


Then cleaned out the guinea pig and bird cage. Decided to give the guinea pigs a bath while we were at it. I then had the pleasure of getting a delivery of scrapbook supplies. LOTS of goodies – so yummy I could eat them :-).


Next up was taking Rosie for a walk down to the lake. It was a windy and a bit chilly but nice to be outside. The girls rode their bikes and had a bit of a play at the park.img_6099img_6102

We got home around 2pm and after a drink of water (and a little rest) we made some homemade ice-cream to have for desert tonight. Next was some craft. The girls made some ribbon creatures and did some painting. I helped, enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of choc. brownie slice that I made yesterday, while I unpacked my new scrapbooking supplies.

img_6110 img_6096

Time for working on a jigsaw. This is one I got for Christmas – boy is it going to be hard.


About 5pm I bought in the washing and folded it ready for ironing (probably tomorrow), then started to make dinner (Cherry Tomato and Feta Frittata). Kids were playing “camping” so I thought I’d sneak into the scrapbook room (while I have to myself) to do layout. That didn’t work out too well so I ended up doing a bit of ironing.

Kevin came home about 6pm so I finished off dinner and we sat down to enjoy it.


Cleaned up the kitchen, uploaded my photos for this post, then went to watch some TV with Kevin (at the moment we are watching season 1 of the Vickor of Dipley. Still so funny after 14 years) and enjoy the homemade ice-cream.


Feeling very tired. Up early and it’s been a VERY busy day. I think I’ll be asleep rather early.

7 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – April 14th

  1. Oooh look at all those scrapping goodies! You lucky thing!

    Oh and picklebums? – it is a term of endearment in our house as in ‘you big picklbum!’ LOL.. maybe I meed to blog about that!

  2. Hi,
    Your day sounds very nice.
    I didn’t realise that guinea pigs had baths. Do they like getting wet?

  3. Oh that looked like a busy day. loved the photos and the bathed guinea pig. Kate would love a guinea pig but with five cats perhaps not such a good idea.

  4. Hello there Libby

    You certainly managed to fit a lot into the day didn’t you.

    Is it easy to bathe a guinea pig – do they struggle much or enjoy it?

    Take care

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