On Our Way

All packed

Well, we’re off on the first part of our holiday. First stop Sydney for my cousin Chris’ engagement party to the very lovely Mel.

Chris & Mel

Kevin rode up on his motorbike as he’d be leaving us on Sunday. We met at the hotel and then went to the party. Was a nice night and good to catch up with some of the relatives I hadn’t seen for a while. No-one could get over how good Kevin & I are looking (don’t mean to sound stuck up but we’ve come a long way). I mean who is the sexy man I went to the party with? Doesn’t look much like the man I’ve been married to for 16 years.


Loved the fireplace – candles on a mirror – how effective!!!


On Sunday morning we took the girls to Lollipops play center for an hour before heading over to see High School Musical on Ice. Was a good show – I think the second half (HSM2) was better but then I prefer the music from that one. The girls really enjoyed it and though we were in the second row we really didn’t have the best view. I had a Mum in front of me (which was bad enough) and she kept on holding her camera out to the side which further ruined my view. Oh well, it was still good.

HSM on ice HSM on ice

From here we hit the road, driving for a couple of hours to Bulladelah, then for another few hours to Kempsey. The second half of the trip we had lots of rain. It wasn’t too bad though. I much prefer driving on these sort of roads – it’s what I’m used to – instead of the traffic in Sydney.

Driving in the rain

We got to Kempsey around 6pm, found a hotel to stay out, got some take out to eat in our room. The girls watched a movie and I read, then we all went to sleep around 8.30am.