Wet ‘n’ Wild


Well, it certainly was wet but we didn’t have a particularly wild day – we’ve kept those rides from when we go again with Kevin.

Anyway, lets get back to this morning. I was up around 5am this morning and read blogs while waiting for Christy to wake up. Then we had breakfast, got dressed, and downstairs to the bakery (Christy loves being able to buy fresh cheese rolls from the Baker’s Delight EVERY day. Today she even saw the baker taking them out of the oven), and get some groceries. I think the baker was tickled that we asked to take his photo.

Bakers Delight

Back upstairs to prepare lunch/food to take with us. Our first stop was Harbour Town Outlet Mall. I stocked up on some outfits for next Summer – hence nothing fits yet :-), oh, except for some VERY yummy green sandles. I also got an outfit for a wedding in August. I bought a size 12 and crazily enough it fit – not that I would wear it in public just yet… stretchy fabric. I shopped in stores I NEVER had before like Colorado and the one I got the wedding outfit. Also got 2 yummy bags from Fossil – couldn’t decide which one I liked best. I’ve always bought bags with long straps before – being overweight they were the most comfortable – this time I didn’t have to worry about that. So FUN not having to worry about these things any more….not sure my credit card will agree…..but they were all discounted :-).


Next up Wet n Wild. We had a great time. The girls spent most of the day playing in Buccaneer Bay. But we also did some slides and Calypso Beach (which is the lazy river). The girls took off to do things by themselves sometimes so I got a bit of relaxing and magazine reading done. We left about 3.30pm with 2 very water logged little girls and 1 slightly cooked Mum (though I did put on loads of suncream).


IMG_6625 IMG_6627

Back at the apartment I admired my new purchases, did some washing and organized some dinner.New purchases

In about an hour we’re heading off to the airport to pick up Kevin. Will be good to have him with us. Theme parks without him just aren’t the same.

Oh, just wanted to share a photo of my two pig-tails – haven’t been able to do this since I was about 12. Not a look I’ll go for very often but it was great with all the swimming and sliding.


Tomorrow : A jetboat ride (a first for us all) and a trip up Q1 (tallest residential building in the world.

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