Wetter and wilder


Kevin is finally here – after his flight being an hour late last night. I was up around 5.45am and got to see a lovely sunrise (most mornings have been too cloudy).


Once everyone was awake we had some breakfast and headed downstairs to the pool. The girls played at the outdoor pool for a while, then we went to the indoor one and all went in the spa – which was lovely and warm. Being Anzac Day (a day of remembrance for our armed forces – esp. those to fought in World War I and II) most things are closed until 1pm. If we hadn’t already booked our jetboat trip we could have gone and watched the march since it wasn’t till 10.30am.

At 10am we headed out for our Jetboat Tour. It was SOOOOO much fun. I ended up with a sore jaw from smiling and laughing the whole 45 min trip. Christy announced it was the best fun EVER.


I didn’t think I’d be able to share the photos we purchased but Kevin suggested I take a photo of them – and suprisingly they turned out pretty good. I’m so glad we did it – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but wouldn’t cause of my weight. Anyway we all came back wet, salty and very happy (though Christy’s happiness didn’t last very long and she’s had one of “those” afternoons – on and off at least).

Back in the unit we had showers and Kevin & Amy went out to buy some lunch (Christy was sulking in her bed). We ate on the verandah and got ready to go out again. We walked the couple of blocks to Q1 -the tallest residential building IN THE WOLRD. The lift up 77 floors takes less than 43 seconds and is one of the fastest lifts in the world. The views from the top are amazing. You get a real appreciation for just how beautiful the Gold Coast area is and why the beaches are considered to be world class.

Q1 top of Q1 at the top of Q1what a view!!!

The girls had some fun photos taken.

amy and christy christy and king kong

On the way home wew stopped by Cold Rock Ice-cream. I’d never had it before and didn’t realize what it was – I LOVE things mixed into ice cream. I chose vanilla ice cream with m&m’s and flake.

cold stone ice cream

We took then back and sat by the pool to eat them. Very yummy. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for more. We do have a Cold Rock in Wollongong but have never been. Since Christy was in trouble I just took Amy down to the pool where she had another swim and play in the sand. She seemed happily enough playing by herself and we stayed about an hour (with me reading a book) until I got too cold and had to go back to the room to get a nice cup of hot tea. We’ve settled in the for the night and will have dinner soon and finish watching Anne of Green Gables that we started last night before going to the airport.