Fun in the Sun


Another early morning. Read blogs until about 7am when I went to the complex’s gym. Did a weights workout, then 10 min on elliptical and 10min on treadmill. Felt a bit sick afterwards so must have had a good workout. Back in the room Christy was now awake so we all got dressed (ready for another day at Wet and Wild) and went to get some groceries and some breakfast. Kevin is rather pleased as there is a sushi and juice bar right downstairs. We ate back in the room and I got our lunch/snacks packed.

We arrived at Wild and Wet about 10.15, found a spot to camp for the day (next to Buccaneer Bay again). We left Christy playing and went to do the big thrill rides that she is too short to go on. First up was the Tornado – LOVED this!!! (never been on anything like it before.

IMG_6728 IMG_6732

You can see a short video here but it doesn’t really capture the true thrill of it.

We then did a 3 person raft ride (Mach 3) and a raft ride (Mammoth Falls). After all the stairs (and my gym workout) my legs were starting to feel a little sore so we went back to see Christy and go on some rides together. We did the same 2 person dark raft ride we did the other day, then a normal water slide (big line for short ride), then headed back to have some lunch. Today Kevin had wanted a salad. We had bought all the supplies this morning and it was so yummy to have on this warm, sunny day.

We then went to do Calypso Beach again. We always love lazy river rides.


We went on the Tornado again (just as good as the first time). Christy took our photo this time.


We also bought the ride photo.


Then Amy and Kevin went into the wave pool for a while and I took Christy back to Buccaneer Bay (note all the water about to pour all over Christy).


The girls then went off to the speed racer. Amy came back after a while and we eventually had to track down Christy (who was still doing the racer). We left around 4.30pm so really put in a full day this time around. Christy was having so much fun she didn’t want to leave. Kevin & the girls got an ice cream as we left.

Back at the room the girls had a bath while I got unpacked. Amy went to lie down on her bed to play her Nintendo DS and promptly fell asleep. This was around 6pm so I hate to think what time she’ll be up in the morning. She didn’t even get any dinner.

We had a burrito for dinner (made with the TVP I asked Kevin to bring up with him), and watched a couple of shows on the lifestyle channel before heading to bed for an early night ourselves. All that fresh air and climbing stairs has tuckered us all out.

Tomorrow : The Wax Museum (for Kevin & Amy), a cruise on the Aqua Duck (Christy has been dying to do this) and shopping at Pacific Fair (for Me!!!)

4 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. Love your blog! It always looks like you have so much family fun! Good on you for your weight loss, well done!
    Your last post however reads like Christy is being left alone while you go off and do other things. Of course I realise this wouldn’t be the case, can you adjust it so it reads like an adult was with her? Cheers!

  2. Wow! This looks like soooo much fun!

    We are heading to queensland on Wednesday – staying up at he sunshine coast but contemplating a trip down to the gold coast too… now you have me dreaming of wet and wild world… but do you think our kids are too small – they are four, four and almost one… would it not be worth the money this time???

    Looks like the weather is great for swimming regardless!

  3. Actually we did leave Christy by herself. She is a very confident swimmer and the area is VERY well staffed with lifeguards. She knew to stay in the area. We were not gone long. I know many won’t approve of this but we are happy todo this on occasion, when I don’t feel there is any risk to her. It not common for us to leave her – in fact it’s probably the first time we’ve ever done it, besides her walking up the end of our very quiet street to her friends.


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