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Up just after 4.30am this morning. Read blogs, did some vaccuuming and played a new game with Amy. Later Kevin took the girls down for a swim in the indoor pool while I showered and went and bought rolls for Christy.

We left just after 9am for Movie World. We arrived early and got to meet and get photographs with lots of the characters. When it was officially opened at 10am we went straight for the Scooby Doo Scary Coaster as the girls are very into Scooby at the moment. They loved it.

Scooby doo ride

We then did Lethal Weapon – but that was rather rough. I lost both my earings and will no doubt have a big bruise on my shoulder tomorrow. Next up was Wild West Falls. So much fun we went twice and ended up Very wet. The ride photo was taken just before our second drenching.

wild west falls IMG_6908

We then went to the kids area and the girls had a number of goes on the kids roller coaster before the Tweety Cages.


The kids were in line when Christy hit Amy so we left the area and went to Superman Escapes. Another cool ride. You really do feel like you’re flying.


While I was riding Kevin took the girls to see the Scooby Doo show. I managed to see most of it and it was pretty cute. The girls loved it.

scooby show

By now we were getting hungry so we stopped for some lunch. Kevin & I shared a creamy vegetable cobb loaf but it was only okay. Luckily we can’t eat much so it really didn’t matter too much.

Kevin & Amy went on the Batwing Spaceshot.

batwing supershot

We then went to do Scooby Doo again. And in the shop Christy got her very own scooby doo outfit (with some money she was given from Nanny & Poppy).

Christy doo

We went to see the parade – which latest a whole 5 mins ( a bit different from the Disneyland Parade). We then and rode Scooby for the very last time.

Next we lined up to see Shrek in 4D. We enjoyed an ice-cream while we waited. This is such a good show – we were lucky enough to see it at Universal Studios Florida back in 2004.

With one hour left we headed back to the kids area and went on the Looney Tunes River Cruise – which had been closed in the morning, then the girls picked some rides to finish up on. Christy went on the cars, Amy on the roller coaster. At 5pm the rides closed and we headed home.

Before I end this post I just wanted to share a photo taken today and one on our last visit 3 years ago (sitting on the same bench).

IMG_6892Surfers 2005

Tomorrow : Dreamworld

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