surfers sunrise

Up this morning just as the sun was coming up around 6am. Around 8am we went to Coles and got some groceries and rolls. We made up some lunch to take with us and left just after 9am.

First up when we arrived was to get a photo in front of the water feature.


We decided to do the wet rides first again so we went on the Thunder River Rapids ride, then the Rocky Hollow Log Ride. Both are fun but we didn’t get as wet as yesterday.

the log ride

Next was Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster – we loved this and Kevin said it really was like riding a motorbike.

on Mick Doohans Motocoaster

From here we went to Wiggle World – Amy wasn’t too impressed but even though Christy is past the Wiggles she was still keen to go. We went on the Big Red Car ride, then the girls did Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Cup ride.

It was then onto Nickelodeon Central. We went on the Runaway Raptar Rollercoaster, the Swinger Zinger, and the girls did a spin ride, then the dodgems with Kevin.

By now we were feeling a bit hungry so we went to fetch our bag from the locker and sat and ate it.

Then we headed to Ocean Parade where Kevin & Amy rode The Claw – I rode later on and it was so much fun (Kevin rode another 3 times).

the claw

Christy had a go of rock climbing. I was suprised how good she was for her first go.

Christy rock climbing

The girls and Kevin did the reef diver.


Amy rode the wipeout a couple of times

amy on wipeout

then the girls and Kevin did the reef diverwhile Christy rode the stingray about 10 times. We took turns riding the Cyclone rollercoaster while Christy was on the stingray.


The girls went on the Vortex 4 times before a boy was sick and the ride closed for cleaning.

Amy & Kevin went off to ride the Tower of Terror (not like the one in Disneyland) while Christy and I went to Nick Central and went on Blue’s Skidoo

On Blue's skidoo

then Dora’s seaplanes and Christy went on the swings again. When Kevin & Amy got back they went to the ball flight play thing – I think Kevin had the most fun in there. Time for a quick photo with Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick.


It was nearly time for the park to close so we went to do the Motocoaster again and were lucky enough to get to ride a number of times. Really loved this ride.

On the way out of the park we stopped to get a tea (for me) and hot chips for the girls – we all needed something to warm up. Was just as well cause we had a slow trip home due to lots of traffic (main highway was closed).

sunset at dreamworld

Amy crawled into bed as soon as we got back at 6.30pm.

Tomorrow – Our last day before heading home – White Water World – Kevin leaves