White Water World


As expected Amy was up early around 2am I believe. I got up around 5am. It’s good when at home and read blogs and get a start on the day but here all there is to do is read blogs (and do a little tidy up). This morning I also did some ironing and packed a suitcase for Kevin to take back with him – as I don’t think I can fit everything in the car (it was already pretty full on the way up).

I packed some lunch and we left for White Water World just about 9.30am. The park is a lot smaller than Wet n wild. We put all our stuff near the Nicholdeon Pipeline Plunge and had a play.

IMG_7011 IMG_7014

We then moved on the Hydro coaster. SOOOO much fun. It’s just like a roller coaster with hills and plunges – you get soaked!!! We went on twice but it was SOOOO cold when you were wet and out of the water.

IMG_7078 IMG_7079

We then went on The Green Room – which was just like the Typhoon but for some reason I didn’t enjoy this ride. Maybe it was just cause I was rushed on the ride and wasn’t ready for it. Next was a couple more raft rides, then I sat in the sun with Christy for a while cause she was shivering.

Later the girls played some more in the pipeline (and Christy had a little play at Wiggle Bay) before we had a float around in the wave pool.

IMG_7027 IMG_7031

Amy went on some more slides and we had some lunch before announcing we were too cold to get wet again. Around 1.30pm we got dressed and went over to Dreamworld.


Amy and Kevin went off to the Claw again. Christy took to the Reef Diver (for around 5 rides) since yesterdays favourites were closed. Amy also rode Wipeout again before they both went on the Vortex.

We stopped for an ice-cream sundae (Kevin and I shared one),

IMG_7067 IMG_7072 IMG_7073

then went on one last ride of the motorcoaster before heading back to the car.


We dropped Kevin at the airport then drove back to our apartment for the last time. We went down to the indoor spa for a soak, then back to our room for some dinner and to watch Anne of Green Gables : The Sequel.

Tomorrow : Packing, a last swim and driving to Coffs Harbour.