Goodbye to Paradise

driving home

I was lucky enough to sleep in till 6.30am today. I was really tired and obviously needed a bit of extra sleep. When everyone was awake we got packed, went downstairs for a last daily order from Baker’s Delight, had some breakfast and took everything down to the car. Lucky I sent that suitcase with Kevin cause it would have been really hard to fit everything in. We departed about 9.15 for the 4 hour drive to Coff’s Harbour. We had two brief stops on the way, arriving about 1.30pm at the Opal Cove Resort.

We checked in, then went to get a few groceries. When we came back the girls went for a swim. There is a slide and the water is heated, then they had a spa. It’s overcast and a good bit cooler than the Gold Coast so not the best afternoon to spend by the pool, but they had a nice time.

in the spa

They then sat and had an afternoon snack while watching some kids TV shows.

snacks & TV in bed

I checked blogs.

me blogging

We then went out to the playground and the girls had a swing before playing a couple games of Chess. I helped Christy and it was fun – the first time I’ve ever played.

playing chess

At 6pm we went to the restaurant to have some dinner. Not real successful – I was tired, Christy was bored and mucking up and our dinner took 30mins to arrive (even though we were the second table to be seated). There were good though and let me order a kids meal (I did explain why). I had 3 mini veggie quiches which were delicious. They were served with chips and salad – but I couldn’t eat them – too full.

We went back to the room. Amy was asleep by 7.30pm and I don’t think Christy and I will be too far behind.