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I’m joining in Talk about Tuesday for the first time with the Lazy Organizer. This week the subject is shoes.


Funnily enough I’ve never been into shoes very much. And last year when I had my heal spur I had 3 pairs of Crocs, one joggers and one good pair. Fast forward a year and a whole lot of lost weight and I am finding myself getting into shoes. I bought 2 pair of winter shoes not long ago, and have bought another 3 pairs in the last few weeks.Being overweight I always bought Kumfs shoes – which run about $250 – $300 a pair – hence I only bought 2 pairs a year. But now I’m finding I can get cute shoes and they are still comfy to wear. I’ve never really worn heals but as you can see they are making their way into my wardrobe – strictly for special occasions though.

As you can see my shoe area is getting a little on the full side. I might just have to buy some of cute little see-through shoe boxes to store out of season shoes…..

As for what I’m wearing right now. LOOOVE my new Crocs. Comfy like my old ones but a MUCH nicer style. I used to go barefoot in the house ALL the time – but that’s all changed since the heal spur. I suffered with that spur for 18 months and that was quite enough.


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  1. Those crocs are cute. I didn’t know they made anything but the clogs until my last trip to the mall. I may have to get myself a pair after-all.

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