Was it just one year ago


that we were at Disneyland? Seems like much longer than that. I guess life has changed a lot in the last year. We had such a great trip and have many wonderful memories. One thing that amazes me is that in the last year I have formed some internet friendships via blogs with a few girls who live in the area. IF I’d know them then I’d definitely have met up (and visited their local scrapbook shop). I met Annie first through  Heidi Swapps A year to remember class, and through her some of her friends, like JoAnn. Such a shame it wasn’t till after our trip.

disneyland by the disneyland hotel pool

One thought on “Was it just one year ago

  1. I know…….we could have scrapped and met up at Disney…….well maybe in November in Sydney although with the way things are going with the economy, we may not be going. Your pictures are cute!

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