The last few days


Gee, do you think someone should tell she’s a bit big to a lapdog?

Not much to report the last few days. The girls had a school disco on Monday night. It was a fundraiser for the RSPCA so the younger ones were asked to dress up. Christy wore her Scooby Doo outfit and was the hit of the night. Amy wore a lizard hat we picked up on holidays (Christy had a dog one but lost it out the car window – after being told that that’s what would happen).

img_7244 img_7248

Yesterday I had my hair cut, did a bit of shopping (only spent $9 in the scrapbook store – a record for me for sure), then had my nails done. Last night Kevin & I went round to my friend Sharon’s (her daugther got married today and Kevin was taking the photos). Afterwards we had a date night and went to see “What Happens inĀ  Vegas“. Pretty funny and cute.

Today I went to the gym and then into full preparation mode for Mother’s Day tomorrow. We’re now having 12 people for lunch. I’ve made all the dishes, just need to cook and reheat in the morning. Also made up some little gift bags for the Mums/ladies. Finished cleaning around 4.30pm and got do my layout for my 28 Days class with Gretchen. Not real sure about the close up photo but it was the best I could find – I really don’t have that many photos of just me.