6 months post op

me - 6 months post WLSMe - 6 months post WLS

Wow!! What an amazing 6 months it has been. It’s really hard to believe that just 6 months ago I weighed 124kg (272lbs) and was wearing size 24 clothes. Today I am 92.1kg (202lbs) and wearing size 16. I am the fitted I have ever been and have so much energy. Kevin and I really noticed it on holidays when we could go ALL day at the theme parks (something we’ve never done before).

I know my weight loss hasn’t been great in the last month (only 1.1kgs) but I know why. I need to get back to eating healthy snacks and not buying chocolate/chips. Apparently around the 6 month mark the honeymoon is over and you need to be more careful with your food choices as you can eat more than the early days. I’ve still got quite a bit of weight to lose so I need to buckle down and get on with it.

Day of Surgery me - 6 months post WLS

Kevin and I were talking about how we’re still overweight and feel fat but when you look at old photos I’m amazed at just how fat I was. I knew I was big but I didn’t realize just how big. Anyway, it’s good to have them to look back on to realize how far we have both come in just 6 short months. Here’s a photo from Mexico in May last year, and on this years holiday. Doesn’t Kevin look amazing. He’s lost over 40kg (88lbs) now.

image9 at the top of Q1 - surfers paradise

Okay, a couple of negatives to having lost so much weight. Firstly, we have a rather hard time finding each other in crowds these days. I think our eyes still look for the biggest person :-).  Secondly, though our food bill has gone down, our clothing bill has gone up. Thirdly, quite a bit of my hair has fallen out in the last month. Thank goodness I had very thick hair to start with, now it’s probably just normal. The hair loss seems to be slowing now.  Lastly, I have a lot of lose, baggy skin. I will probably have surgery to fix this later and I’m still happier with the body I’ve got now than the one I had for far too many years.

Anyway, the positives far outweigh any negatives. And the first tworeally aren’t bad negatives anyway. We are both SOOOOOO happy that we had the surgery. It really has changed our lives.

5 thoughts on “6 months post op

  1. You both look great. I do that with Pete too – he’s being losing weight again with the CSIRO diet and I keep doing a double-take when I see him in a crowd 🙂

  2. Libby…you guys look great! I love that it’s hard to find each other in a crowd.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I hadn’t been to your in a little while and have been sitting reading and catching up…
    Take care!
    Dancingly, Denise
    (who needs to get back to de-cluttering tonight!)

  3. Libbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    I was cruisin round blog land (as you do) and a series of links has led me to this blog & I am all confused wondering why the name sounded familiar…then I saw your photo and the penny dropped!

    You look fantastic, so congrats on the weight loss 🙂

    Now I am going to check out your blog and play catch up LOL

    Again, well done!

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