Family Day Out – The Australian Museum

australian museum

Thanks to my good friend Leanne we found out there was special Dinosaur exhibit at the Australian Museum in Sydney. So for our May family day out we planned to go there (the exhibit is only on till the 8th June).

img_0123at the dinosaue exhibit

We had a fantastic day. The girls loved seeing all the dinosaur stuff.

dinosaursChristy with dino fossils

We then went to another area where the kids could touch and play with lots of different things. They even got to hold a stick insect.

stick insects looking at specimens

We stopped for some lunch. Amy took this photo of Kevin and I.


We then split up. Amy & Kevin went to the skeleton area and I took Christy to Kidspace. They met us there and goofed around for a bit.

Christy at play my crazy familyamy and daddy at play

Lastly we went to see the Indigenous Australians. We were there in time to see an aborigine playing his instument (not a digeridoo). The girls volunteered to do an emu dance.

aboriginal man doing the emu dance

One the way home we stopped at Paddy Pallin to get boots and jackets for our big trip.

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  1. That looks like lots of fun, Cami would love that place! You have been busy scrapping……i love your LO’s esp. about staying home with the kids……….cute tag too, love the buttons.

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