Home made rolls

Had my first attempt at making rolls yesterday. First batch I set the breadmaker for yeast free bread instead of dough – so that went to the chooks. Second batch faired better.

home made rolls

Here they are rising in the sun.

rolls rising in the sun

All ready for the oven. Sprinkled most of them with cheese (since that is Christy’s favourite)

rolls ready for the oven

And out of the oven. They do look good don’t they?

Rolls fresh from the oven

Now the verdict. Amy thought they were delicious. I had a few bites and thought it okay. Christy took one bite of a plain ones (go figure!!!) and pulled a face. Gave some to Mum & Dad but haven’t heard from them yet. So, it’s a start. They really were very easy to make (with the help of the breadmaker). I will try again with a different recipe. When I pay $2.20 for one cheese rolls from Bakers Delight if I can find a recipe Christy likes it will be a very good thing for the finances :-). If anyone has one to recommend please let know.