A productive morning


It’s funny, you’d think with the girls home from school (there was a teacher’s strike) I wouldn’t get as much done as normal, but I was in fact more productive (though I missed going to the gym). I did my usual Thursday cleaning the bathrooms, then worked on a PROPER tidy up of my desk – prompted by having to find some paperwork so Amy can apply to go to a class for gifted children next year.

Here the before and after of the desk-top. I even cleaned my keyboard and mouse.

img_0254 img_0259

The overhead cupboard

img_0250 img_0260

And finally the two bottom drawers (I did bother with the top drawer as that had been done a few week ago)

img_0251 img_0261

I threw out some magazines I’d been keeping. Usually I just tear out bits as I go but I kept whole fitness magazines. I was going to go through them all but decided just to toss them. I also moved out some books to the upstairs bookcase and put some of the kids food books on the open shelf so I remember to read/refer to them.

While I was busy doing this the girls made this terrific train track. Not sure why it always has to be in bed/bath room – I think they like making it go under my bed.

img_0297 img_0298 img_0299