Taking a ME day

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Not sure why but I’ve been in a bit of a slump this week. The kids, especially Christy, have been a bit difficult this week and I’ve not been sleeping well – keep on waking up, drifting off, waking up, you know that horrible sleep. Kevin thinks it might from not going to the gym – and it might – but I figure with all the walking I’m still getting a good amount of exercise – and it’s outdoors in the fresh air – so it should help me to sleep even better. Who knows…..

Anyway, I’ve decided to post some more flikr photos that make me happy and have a ME day. I’m not really sure quite what that entails as I’ve never had one before. But other than essential jobs needing done I plan on doing purely what I FEEL like doing (not what I should be doing). Firstly I’m off to watch an episode of the Perfect Housewife. Then I might start of my new Strength for Life book…. or I might not….


3 thoughts on “Taking a ME day

  1. You go girl !
    I always say that I am a better mother when I am sane, so sometimes it is important to regenerate and rejuvenate so that you can pick yourself up and keep going. It’s quite okay to do this on a regular basis.
    I guess it raises the question, when we do so much for other people, where do we get our strength from and how do we rejuvenate ?

  2. A very important day for you, your first (?) ‘me’ day… Wow. Steven Covey (http://www.stephencovey.com/) wrote in one of his books about ‘sharpening the saw’… We’re far more ‘useful’ to others when we take care of ourselves.

    Hugs to you. xx

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