The basket carnival


Well, as many of you know I’m rather into organising, and baskets, so how could I not join in Laura’s basket carnival. Many of the picture regular blog readers will have seen before. I DID NOT tidy before taking the photos – as you can tell. One thing I realized while doing this is that I really do need MORE baskets.

Firstly my desk cupboards, which I reorganised last week.


Our coffee table baskets – one has magazines, the other has knitting. On the other side are another 2 baskets for the girls stuff.


Our medicine cupboard – which needs reorganising and labels


Some of my baskets in the pantry

img_0389 img_0390

The tupperware drawer


Other kitchen drawers organised with little baskets

img_0392 img_0393 img_0394 img_0395

Baskets in the family room for kids stuff, blankets and things for the guinea pigs (whose cage is right beside this)


The scrapbook room



These baskets are under our bird cage. The left one is full of Rosies toys, the other two are for the girls school stuff.


Baskets/tubs in Christy’s wardrobe – obviously needs another going through.


And finally baskets in the spare room with presents/ wrapping paper/stationary. Again, I could use some labels.


5 thoughts on “The basket carnival

  1. I am a basket person myself and have many a basket containing the chaos in the house LOL (hubby teases me all the time about my near pathological desire to sort / purge and re organise our belongings!!).

  2. Oh how I love to “meet” other junkies….woohoo! It all looks so great and beautiful and lovely. I could look at these pictures all day long 🙂

    Thanks for sharing them with us!


  3. Ooooh look at all that organisation! Makes me want to rush out and buy some more basket… I have a bit of a basket fetish too but I am not where near as good with them as you!

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