A great start to Winter


I had a great 1st June. To start with I went on Kevin’s motorbike for the first time. And it was so much fun!!! Now I have to get a jacket of my own (so I don’t have to wear Kevin’s old one which is WAYYY to big), gloves (cause my hands froze) and a helmet.

After this we headed up to Sydney (in the car) and went looking for some furniture for my scrapbook room – I desperately need some more shevles. I found what I wanted but we couldn’t pick it up as the warehouse was closed (what’s with that???) so I will order them from the Wollongong store. We won’t put the wheels on the bookshelf and it will sit right on my desk. The ladder (I’m getting white) and soooo cute and will fit right in on my one little piece of empty wall.

product producta

Then we headed over to Star City to see Phantom of the Opera.


We were a little early so we had a walk around Darling Harbour and then sat and enjoyed a banana split.

img_0439 img_0443

The show was FANTASTIC!!! Even better than I remembered. The music, costumes, staging – all terrific!!!

And finally for a laugh here’s a layout I did of the first time Kevin & I saw Phantom – way back in 1991 – back when I didn’t take many photos – we were poor Uni students so caught the bus down the Melbourne to see the show. I’ve recently found our tickets and some other memorabilia so will have to add it to the layout.

layout - 1991

And here’s a close up of the lovely outfit I wore to the theatre… looks like I’m wearing curtains 🙂

Libby - 1991

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