Happy Birthday….. to me!!!


Gee, no forgetting your age when you have a Wii fit :-).

We were out last night to celebrate my friends Sam’s birthday. It was a great night and so good to see both her (and Sue) again. I used to see these girls on a weekly basis at playgroup and I do miss their company. Lucky for me I’ll be going away with them for the weekend in just a couple of weeks.


This morning I opened some presents from the girls – a bike helmet and some gloves.


After the school uniform shop I made some anzac cookies and took them (and some eggs) to my friend Kay who has been really ill for the last few weeks. It was very nice to catch up and sit and chat. I don’t do it often enough and really need to make more time for my friends.

After lunch I managed to scrapbook a few pages.

img_0478 IMG_0470

After school we had a birthday afternoon tea at my Mum’s. It was extra nice as both Kevin and my Dad were there.



Tonight Kevin was a real sweetie and went out in the rain to get me some rice paper rolls for dinner. We then watched a couple of episodes of Jimmy’s Farm. So it was a very nice birthday indeed.

Hmm..I wonder if the wii fit is trying to tell me to get my butt to the gym…


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday….. to me!!!

  1. Happy Birthday to you!!
    Looks like you had an awesome day 🙂

    I’ve asked for a Wii fit for Christmas (hmm, might need to buy a Wii system first…lol)

  2. Sorry I missed this last week, we had a birthday at our place too. 🙂

    LOL @ the Wii, that made me smile!

    The afternoon tea @ your Mums sounded and looked lovely. Thanks for sharing these tidbits of your life. xx

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