Feeling flat

Rosie the lap dog

I’ve been feeling a bit strange the last week or so. Not depressed or down in the dumps, not terribly tired. I’ve decided I feel flat – whatever that means. I just don’t seem to have any ompf…. any get up and go. I still haven’t been to the gym – must be over 3 weeks now (and I LOVE going working out). This week it’s been raining so I haven’t even been walking. I’m not making the most healthy choices with my snacks. I don’t want to go anywhere or do much of anything. As I said… no ompf.

Lucky for me my Mum has come over the last few days and helped me sort out, organize and clean quite a few rooms in the house – so at least I’ve been doing something productive.

We’ve done the wardrobe…



the bathroom…

img_0501 img_0502

the laundry… (look baskets, empty shelves and new place for the girls school bags)

img_0508 img_0509 img_0507

the family room and the loungeroom.

So what’s the plan? Today I’m going to spend some time in the scrapbook room (after doing reading at school). I need to tidy, then do some layouts. I’m debating going to the gym – and will try to make myself go – I know I’m be happy once I do! We’ve got a long weekend here in Australia so I plan to get a few more rooms organised (with Kevin’s help), spend some time with the family, spend some time thinking about my diet and exercise plan (or current lack thereof) and hopefully find my ompf. If anyone’s seen please send it back!

6 thoughts on “Feeling flat

  1. You probably WILL feel better once you get to the gym…it’s just GETTING there! I think the rain puts a dampener on things. I know it makes me miserable.

    BTW I tagged you @ my blog.

  2. I am a regular reader of your blog and am sad to hear that you’ve lost your oompfh! Will you be able to find it again if I tell you that you offer fantastic motivation and really do inspire your readers.

    I myself am going through a huge transition at the moment and haven’t blogged for a month or more until I sort it out. It involves leaving my job and coming home to a simple, old fashioned life. It has been a huge decision but I am now really looking forward to implementing it.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that it is quite ok to have peaks and troughs in life. If it was all the same we wouldn;t appreciate it. Sometimes we need to feel the lowest of lows so we can recognise the joy when it comes.

    I am sure you will be bouncing back very soon! I look forward to it !. <<>> to you !

  3. Hi Libby,
    I hope you feel more bouncy soon. I think ‘flat’ is a good word to describe those lack of oomph days – I have them sometimes too.
    Your organising pictures are inspiring. I need to do some organising here at home. How nice to have your mum nearby.
    I hope you have a good long weekend.

  4. Your organisation achievements are really impressive! I’m inspired.

    I think all things ebb and flow. Go with it, Libby, and drop the guilt. xx

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