I’ve been tagged by Tina to write my blog name in Japanese


Life is a journey translates to ta ki lu ku… kisi…ka…zu mo do ski to ku fu

And I just love my name… ta ki tu tu fu… how fun is that?

This was actually a bit of a trip down memory lane as it’s a little known fact that I did in fact study Japanese for 6 months. It was a 2 year ( I think) course run one night a week at the local tafe. I did enjoy it and can’t really remember why I stopped, or why I started learning Japanese. This was back when I was working (way before kids). Unfortunately I remember very little of what I learnt, mainly pronouciation. It’s funny, until this meme I’d forgotten all about my short stint of learning Japanese.

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  1. This reminds me that I had a brief interest in Chinese many years ago (like about 30!). Can’t remember anything much apart from “Hello” now.

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