Todays plans are a washout

Well, I had planned to spend time outdoors today. After it rained nearly all week, yesterday was lovely, bright and sunny. Alas we spent most of indoors. So today I had planned on spending time in the veggie garden and cleaning up the chook house/yard. Then I woke to see this… with yesterdays washing still hanging on the clothes line.


My other jobs for the long weekend – helping Kevin clean out the computer room and study aren’t very appealing so I’m not sure what we’ll get up to today. Maybe just a family day at home…

The girls have spent all morning like this…


I’ve told them 10 more minutes then they need to get on with their morning routine – which includes breakfast…

Kevin recently had his first taste of rock climbing and instantly fell in love.

img_4694 img_4695

He’s bought all his own equipment and has been going to local indoor rock climbing gym whenever he can. He took the girls last weekend and they loved it so yesterday we all went in so I could belay Kevin and he could do the girls. Kevin is really enjoying the challenge and I’m so pleased that he’s found a physical activity that he enjoys. It’s certainly something he couldn’t have done before WLS.

img_0565img_0536img_0554 img_0552

One thought on “Todays plans are a washout

  1. LOL That photo of your dog lying with the girls is so cute!

    My DH has been rockclimbing for about 20 years! He used to go to that indoor climbing gym regularly although he hasn’t been there for a year or so!). After seeing your photos, he immediately said that he should start going again 🙂

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