Eco Silk Bags


I got these eco bags about a month ago, after seeing a post on Lightening’s blog. I ordered 6 of them plus the little bag to keep them in. They are so beautiful and I’m constantly getting comments on them. Best of all just slip right into the back pocket of my bag – so they are so easy to retrieve when I need them. I still use the grocery bags for groceries but these are great for EVERYTHING else. I had been using some bags from Howards Storage but these are so much better (they are bigger) and so much prettier.

And these bags can be sent back for recycling at the end of their life – approx 5 years. How’s that for being good for the environment? They will save me from getting hundreds of plastic bags this year and they won’t be dumped in the rubbish when I’ve finished with them.


2 thoughts on “Eco Silk Bags

  1. oooh! I like these! Especially the pink one 🙂
    Just a heads up, your link to “eco bags” doesn’t work.
    *going to order some bags*

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