Makes me happy

My creation

I’m a bit too busy this week to think of much to post except what I’m doing on a daily basis – which is a really a bit too boring to put into words- basically organising and packing for our trip. Instead I thought I’d share some more flikr photos that make me happy. 1. Applecross Hills from Ardarroch in Summer, 2. Durris-Pastures, 3. Butterflies, 4. White and blue, 5. Seascape - Paradis pour tous, 6. mr. bullock, 7. The Rock, 8. Pendragons realm, 9. P5192709.JPG, 10. Harewood Flowers, 11. IL CAMMINO (e non ci penso piĆ¹), 12. in the swamp, 13. Ditte enjoys the sunset, 14. Doon Castle & Loch, 15. Findhorn Beach Sunset, 16. Ballachullish sunset, 17. Tree of Awe, 18. The Blackmount ,Rannoch Moor, Stormy Skies., 19. Untitled, 20. Gorge Wildflower, 21. IMG_4727NN, 22. And then there were seven, 23. Isle of Wee Cumbrae, 24. She rises above the rest, 25. IMG_4822NN