Outback adventure – day 1 – we’re on our way

We’re on our way!!!! (all those you know the song from Brother Bear can sing along).

Kevin set off at 8am with not quite the same fan-fare as Ewan McGregor :-).

Kevin setting off

We left around 9am after a bit of excitement with Nan getting stuck between the gate and caravan. Luckily she was okay, though a bit sore.


Today was just lots of driving. I drank tea (no surprise there) and knitted. The girls played their DSs and completed some activity sheets I had printed out for them. We stopped around 12pm for lunch in the van.

on the road

We later stopped near Gundagai to see the dog on the tuckerbox. And once more for petrol.

dog on the tuckerbox

We arrived in Wodonga around 4.30pm. Our cabin is basic but fine for the night. Shortly we’re going over to have tea with Nan & Pop, then I imagine we’ll have an early night.

cabin in Wodonga

Tomorrow : Driving to Ballarat