Outback adventure – Day 2


Amy and I were up bright and early at 3.30am (yes, that was 3.30am). She crawled into bed with me and played her DS while I read. Around 4am I got up and made her some banana on toast and I had a tea and a couple of anzac cookies. Christy woke up about 6am (just I was thinking I might get a bit more sleep). They watched a bit of TV and we had some breakfast and got packed up. About 7.45 we ventured over to see Nan & Pop. They were just getting up and organised so the girls and I went for a walk around the van park and the girls had a play at the park. It’s very cold!!!


We hit the road just before 9am. We passed by lots of lovely countryside today and were amazed at the large number of lambs.

view from the car

Around 11.45 we stopped for some lunch and continued driving on to Ballarat where we arrived about 3pm. Kevin had already arrived and checked into the cabin.

The park here is really nice. The girls were excited to see a good size play park and jumping pillow. After Mum & Dad got their van sorted (they are just across the road from our cabin), they joined us for some afternoon tea. The girls went off to do some organised craft for a bit.

cabin at Ballarat

It’s just after 6pm now and we’ve settled in for the night as it’s very cold outside. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an early night after our very start this morning.

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