Outback Adventure – Day 5 – Surfin’ Safari

Woke up around 5.30am and went to the loungeroom to read and enjoy a cup of tea. Around 7am everyone (except Christy) was awake so I started packing up all our belongings. We left the van park just after 9am (Kevin left about 8.30am) and set off for Torquay. We passed through very pretty countryside arriving in Torquay around 11.30am. We went through the Surf Museum which was quite interesting. The girls enjoyed seeing the old style surf boards and watching some video of the big wave surfers.

Christy trying to surf

We next headed to Bells Beach – probably the most famous big surf beach in Australia. We missed the big surf last week so there were only a few surfers out but it was still great to see the place. We went for a bit of a walk here right beside the Great Ocean Road. Can’t wait to see more of it tomorrow.

Bells Beach

From here we headed to Anglesea and our place for the night. The girls went off to play at the park right away.

Cabin at Anglesea

After having some lunch and getting the van set up and our stuff unloaded, we drove into the town and did a bit of shopping. I got myself a very nice shawl and Amy got a nice vest. We also picked up a few groceries and got to put a local golden retriever.

Back at the park I put some washing on and we had some afternoon tea. We then went for a swim in the indoor pool. We had fun throwing the ball around but it was pretty cold when we got out.

Fun in the pool

After collecting the washing we headed back to our cabin and settled in for the night. I tried to update my blog but couldn’t get an internet connection so I just typed this up and will post it later. So tonight I will have to knit and read (instead of catching up with my favourite blogs).

Tomorrow : Driving along the Great Ocean Road to Warnanbool.