Outback Adventure – Day 10 – on the road to Port Augusta


I was up around 5.30am and read for a bit till everyone else was awake. We had breakfast, packed up and were on the road just before 9am. The landscape was lovely yet again as we drove through the Adelaide Hills area. Lots of the green fields with rolling hills in the background. We stopped briefly at a local water mill. Very pretty spot – it would have been nice to have stayed longer.


South Australia ountryside

We stopped for lunch at Port Germaine. A very cute little town, famous for the having the longest wooden jetty in the world. The girls were very excited we stopped at a great play area. They played and made some friends while we ate lunch and then went for a walk, just to the start of the jetty as it was rather cold and windy.

On the pier at Port Germaine

The girls ate their lunch in the car as we drove on to Port Augusta, which we arrived at around 2.30pm.

Cabin at Port Augusta

After we unloaded Mum and I went to do some laundry, then took a run to the supermarket to stock up on some more supplies. The girls went for a play and Kevin had a rest. Upon our return we had some afternoon tea and Nan, Kevin and I checked our e-mail/did blogging.

The green grass is behind us now and we are onto rocks and dirt.

Tomorrow : Starting the drive up the center of Australia.

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  1. Hi,
    looks like you are having a wonderful holiday. I think I would have trouble getting out of bed in that cold weather though. A bit rough for a Queenslander. I will be reading the rest of your adventure.

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