Outback Adventure – Day 9 – A taste of chocolate

Up for an early start this morning. We were on the road by 8am. An uneventful drive past more beautiful scenery. Lots of cows and sheep.

Countryside near Mt Barker

We arrived at Mt Barker around 1pm and had lunch in the cabin

Cabin at Mt Barker

before heading into Adelaide to the Haighs Chocolate Factory. I went on the bike with Kevin and it was a nice ride, except for the expressway – I find it a bit too rough at high speeds.

We were lucky enough to get 4 spaces on the factory so we took the girls (Nan & Pop waited for us). It was interesting, though not as good as the Cadbury tour we did in Hobart. The free samples we got were pretty yummy. We bought some favourites before we left.

The Haigh Chocolate Factory IMG_4857

I went with Kevin on the bike and met Nan & the girls at a movie theatre (Pop had to go get his windshield fixed – it had been cracked by a rock a few days ago). We went and saw Kung Fu Panda. It was pretty good. The girls loved it.


Kevin headed back home – wanting to get off the road before dark. We had to wait for Poppy so took the girls on the tram down to the waterfront at Glenelg. So pretty. We walked out on the pier right as the sun was setting.

It was pretty cold so we headed indoors to Starbucks. Mum & I enjoyed a hot chocolate and Amy had a tea. Around 6pm Pop called to say he would pick us up shortly so we headed out the road to wait for him.

We arrived back at the cabin around 6.45pm and had some dinner. The girls wrote in their diaries, I read and Kevin watched TV till bedtime.