Outback Adventure – Day 12 – Driving to nowhere

After a bad nights sleep we got out of bed around 6am – well we actually lingered in bed cause there was no lounge to go sit on. We watched a bit of TV while waiting for Christy to wake up.

Kevin left around 7.30am and were over at the van around 8am. We had breakfast with Mum & Dad and the girls went to play at the park while we packed up. We were on the road just after 9am. We didn’t stop until lunchtime where we refuelled, had some lunch and the girls played outside – running around trying to miss a water sprinkle – good fun since we can’t have sprinklers at home. Today we saw some wild horses and yesterday we saw our first emus.

Onwards we went to Erldunda, arriving around 2.30pm.


We got unpacked and went for a walk around before enjoying some afternoon tea sitting in the sun. It was nice to be warm for a change. We heard today it is now snowing in Ballarat – kinda glad we missed that as it was cold enough when we were there.


We went for another walk around to see some emu’s and some of the local kanagroos, before watching another play that the girls had made up earlier – they were aborigines in this one making a campfire.


Dinner in the van again tonight with Nan & Pop.

Tomorrow – What this trip is all about – seeing Uluru.

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