Outback Adventure – Day 13 – Sunset at Uluru


Currently blogging for the last 3 days. Unfortunately I can’t get any photos to load. Will try to do so soon. I think Kevin managed to get his photos of Uluru on his blog so you can look there. I can’t believe we’re into the second part of our trip. It seems like we left home many, many weeks ago and yet we seem to have do so much since we’ve been gone.

After yet another bad nights sleep we got up at 6am. Around 8am we took our bags over to the van where we had breakfast with Nan & Pop and helped them get ready. We managed to buy some really yummy homemade bread today so we all enjoyed that for breakfast. We all set off about 9.15 bound for Yulara (the resort near Ayers Rock/Uluru). Kevin left with us today but quickly took off down the road. We had a brief stop at Mount Connor.

We arrived at Yulara at 12.30pm and after getting the van set up we had some lunch sitting outside in the sunshine. We even got to take off our jackets it was so warm.

The girls went off for a play at the park and at 2pm we headed over to Emu Apartments to see if our room was ready. It wasn’t, so we went and did a bit of grocery shopping and enjoy an ice block. We ended up hanging around for a further half an hour waiting for our room, which was finally ready at 3.30pm. It’s very nice and it will be wonderful having more room and a full kitchen.

Just after 4pm we left to drive to Uluru where we drove around the base and then went to find a spot to watch the sunset. It was very nice but not as spectacular as I’d been expecting. Watching it go from bright orange to brown in a matter of minutes was pretty special.


The girls watched hanging out the car roof top, which they thought was great fun.


Kevin stayed longer than us so he could get some shots with stars in the sky. On the way home we saw our first dingo in the wild. That was quite exciting.

Back in the room I got dinner organised and then worked on my blog.

Tomorrow – We walk around the base of Uluru.