DAY 15 – Outback Adventure – The Olgas

Still not sleeping the best at night but I was up at 7am. Around 8am we went around to the shops to stock up on groceries. Kevin, Amy & Christy all got croissants to have for breakfast. By 9am we were all ready and waiting for Nan & Pop to pick up the girls. I went on the bike with Kevin out to the Olgas. I really like the Olgas – they are lovely to look at.

We stopped first at the lookout. After chatting briefly with a Scottish guy who was cycling throughout much of Australia, we did the short walk and enjoyed the view.


Then it was on to the Olgas and to complete the Gorge walk. A much shorter walk than yesterday, this one only took an hour. It was rougher –most over rocks – and it was much winder and colder but I really enjoyed it. We stopped at the end to have a drink and snack before the return walk.


I hopped back on the bike with Kevin for the ride back to our apartment. So much nicer on the return trip as it had warmed it. Plus Kevin had finally solved the sound problem I was having with my comms systems.

The girls got into their swimming costumes and we walked around to the Sails in the Desert Resort. We sat out in the sunshine and ordered some lunch. The girls went off immediately for a swim, Amy got out briefly to eat her lunch when it arrived. They had a great time and we all enjoyed our lunch (and a bit of peace and quiet). I had a really yummy Asian salad – though I used Amy’s honey mustard dressing instead of the one my salad came with.


After the got out and dressed and Christy ate some of her roll for lunch, we went and had a look through some of the shops and bought a few souveniers.

Then it was back to the apartment to get ready for our helicopter flights over Uluru and the Olgas. Poppy paid for the girls (and us) so he took them first, then Kevin & I went. This was fantastic and so worthwhile. It’s amazing seeing these giant formations from the air and gives a much great perspective of their size. Truly a magical experience.

IMG_1841 IMG_1844 IMG_1859 IMG_1847

When Kevin & I got back we hopped on the bike and rode over to the van so I could finish off some washing (Mum had started it for me earlier). We did this then got Pop to drop us back to our room around 6.30pm.

I made us TVP tacos tonight, then wrote up my blog and played on the computer for a bit while Kevin did the same, Amy wrote in her art diary and Christy played with her new giant plastic insects.