Day 16 – Outback Adventure – Driving to Kings Canyon

Pop picked us up at 9am. We loaded up the car and went back to hitch up the van. Just before 10am we left for Kings Canyon. Along the way we an emu crossed the road in front of us.

We stopped briefly for lunch in the van and arrived in Kings Canyon around 1pm. Kevin was already there and checked in. We went around to the van site and got the van all set up.

We sat outside in the sun for a bit. I did a load of washing (things that got missed yesterday). The girls played at the park and later we took them for a swim. The water was pretty cold so they didn’t stay in very long.

We went for a drive out to see Kings Canyon (I went on the bike) so Mum could have a look at the steps at the start of the climb. Kevin and the kids went part way up and Mum decided she’d give it a go tomorrow.

Later we had dinner in the van and then Dad took us back to our hotel room. We settled down for the night with the girls watching the Wizard of Oz (only Christy watched to the end). I tried to read and Kevin watched his own little TV.

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