Day 17 – Outback Adventure – Hiking Kings Canyon


I finally got a decent nights sleep – great bed and okay pillows. We had a quick breakfast in our room this morning.before Mum & Dad picked us at 8am. We drove out to Kings Canyon and I was amazed at how many coaches and cars were already there. We started our climb about 8.30 and finished around 11.30am.


It was so fantastic. Once you get up the huge rock staircase it’s quite an easy walk over the rock surface. We stopped quite a few times to rest and take in the view. It was a very enjoyable walk and the landscape spectacular. Well worth doing. And Mum made it and is very proud of her achievement.

IMG_1946 IMG_1949 IMG_1951 IMG_1965


I went with Kevin on the bike back to our room where we changed out of our hiking boots and went over to the van. After a brief rest we walked over to the café to have some lunch. Kevin & I shared a yummy vegetarian pizza.

Next up we went to the pool in the hotel area. The girls enjoyed a little swim and we enjoyed lazing the sun. Kevin had a little sleep in the room.

We then packed up most of our luggage and put into the car before heading over to the van again. We had some afternoon tea sitting in the sun. Then I wrote up my diary for the last 2 days, the girls worked on their visual diaries and we chatted and relaxed.

Around 6pm we had dinner, then headed back to our room.

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