Outback Adventure – Day 19 – Arrival in Alice Springs

We left Erldunda about 9am, after enjoying fresh baked bread (again) for breakfast. We arrive in Alice Springs about 11.30am. Our room wasn’t ready but we got the van set up, then had some lunch while sitting in the sun. Kevin arrived shortly afterwards, having gone to get a new tire for the bike.

While we waited for our room to be ready we went into town – first to the visitors center, then for a wander around the mall and finally to get some groceries – well a lot of groceries.

Todd Mall in Alice Springs

We went back to the van park and our room was ready. We unloaded the groceries and all our bags. Our cabin is very nice and it’s good to know we’re here for the next 5 nights. The girls are happy cause they each get a top bunk.

Cabin in Alice Springs

The girls went off to play at the park while we sat and enjoyed some afternoon tea.


Mum & Dad left about 6.30pm and we had dinner and watched Wipeout – the show we discovered last week. The girls loved it yet again. Then the girls had a bath in the HUGE bath and we all headed off to bed.

Tomorrow : Alice Springs Desert Park