Outback Adventure – Day 20 & A Day in My Life – July


I realized last night that I missed participating in the “A Day in My Life” on the 14th. With Kevin’s encouragement I decided to do it today. So to those new to my blog it just means I’ll be blogging in more detail about what I did today. For those who normally read my “A day in my life” posts, I’m on holidays at the moment – currently in Alice Springs (middle of Australia) so this is far from a normal day.

I awoke about 5.30am and sat out in the loungeroom of our cabin catching up on some blogs and enjoying a couple of cups of tea.

early morning tea and blog reading

The girls were awake about 7.30am and quickly got dressed and had breakfast before heading out to play at the park. I had a shower and got dressed and about 8.30am went over to the camp laundry to do a big load of washing.

doing the washing

I came back and had some melted cheese on the yummy homemade bread we bought yesterday. Kevin got himself ready and we chased up the girls to come do their hair and teeth. Mum & Dad came over our cabin just after 9am. My washing was still not finished so we had to wait for it. It was finally done about 9.20am and I got it all hung out. It’s shaping up to be a nice, warm day so should dry pretty quickly.

We headed out to the Alice Springs Desert Park – about a 10min drive away.

Alice Springs Desert Park

First we saw a great film about the area. At the conclusion of the film the screen drops away and are met with this stunning view of the outdoors.

Alice Springs Desert Park

We then starting walking along the path, listening to our audio commentaries as we go.

Alice Springs Desert Park Alice Springs Desert Park

at 11am we went to listen to a talk about Aboriginal weapons and lifestyle. It was very informative, though the girls did get a little bored as the guy seemed to want to keep talking. Us adults enjoyed it though.

Alice Springs Desert Park

By now it was nearly 12pm and we were getting hungry so we headed back to the cafe. I had a very yummy potato salad and some of Kevins corn cob.

lunch at Alice Springs Desert Park Potato salad

We then headed back on our walk around the park. It was very interesting. So many beautiful flowers, trees, lots of birds.

Alice Springs Desert Park Alice Springs Desert Park

The nocturnal house was especially interesting. I love the thorny devil.

The very cute Thorny Devil

About 2pm we bought an ice-cream as we walked around.

enjoying an ice cream

We completed our walk shortly afterwards and went to the gift shop to kill some time before the Birds of Prey show. This was also great. The birds were so amazing to see. The black kite actually catch food on the fly with it’s feet and put it straight in it’s mouth – so cool to see.

Alice Springs Desert Park Alice Springs Desert Park

We left the park and arrived back at the cabin about 4.30pm. I went to get our washing off the line. So fun to use a big clothesline.

Washing day in Alice Springs

We then went over to Mum’s van for some afternoon tea of cheese, crackers and chips. It was nice to get off my feet and sit relaxing in the sun.

afternoon tea

I was lucky enough to see a young kangaroo getting a drink of water.

Kangaroo at Alice Springs van park

Just before 6pm we headed back to the van, and the girls came back from the park. It was cold so I had a nice, hot bath (it’s a bit corner bath) and a cup of tea. All warmed up I got dinner organised. Tonight we had chilli con carne (cooked at home and frozen) with organic corn chips. Then Kevin hooked up Mum’s internet for me to use – mine takes far too long to do anything.

It’s nearly 8pm and I’ve been typing this up on my laptop while the photos upload to flickr and I watch some TV. Once this is published I’ll be heading off to bed to read Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon and enjoy yet another cup of tea and probably a Tim Tam.

Okay it’s taken me till 9.15pm and I’m finally signing off and heading for bed.

2 Comments to “Outback Adventure – Day 20 & A Day in My Life – July”

  1. By Jody, July 17, 2008 @ 8:57 pm

    Libby, I have been following your adventures and it sure looks like you guys are having a great time 🙂

    How’s menu planning on the road??????

  2. By Ann, July 18, 2008 @ 10:52 pm

    I liked that thorny devil.