Outback Adventure – Day 23 – Relaxing in Alice

Outback adventure group photo

So much for sleeping in till 7am – today I was awake at 5am. I got up and read some blogs. Later I did a bit of tidying while Kevin got himself organised. At 8.30am we went over to the van to get a group photo of us all before we said our farewells to Kevin – who has now set off on his solo part of the trip. It was after he’d left that I realized my carmera had stopped working. No idea what’s wrong with it. Can’t say I’ll be too happy to be without a camera for next couple of weeks.

The girls went off for a play and I hung out the washing I had put on earlier before we headed out.

First stop was the School of the Air. Fascinating place. We learnt all about the school and how it operates – all done via satellites and computers these days. The girls were quite impressed and Christy decided she’s like to go to school this way. It had become VERY windy while were inside and there is a distinct haze from the red dirt being blown around.

After this we went in search of the Souvenier Warehouse, which we eventually found, to buy some things for the girls to take back for their class mates. We then went into town and had lunch a cafe before browsing through some more shops. Didn’t buy much and we headed back to the van park about 2.30pm.

Had a very relaxing afternoon. The kids got the buggies to ride (though I think they fought more than they rode),

Buggy ride

and I got to sit and read for a bit. It’s very warm today and lounging was just the thing to do on this last day of our holiday.

It’s nearly 6pm so I’ll finish up this post, then I’ll head over to the van for our last dinner (and try to find the girls – they just love the freedom of caravan parks).

Tomorrow : Packing and our flight back to Sydney

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  1. I’ll bet you’ll be glad to be home.

    My sister used to teach for the School of the Air a long time ago. She loved it.

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