Settling back into routine

Backyard in the rain

It’s been a pretty quiet week as I settle back into my normal routine. I’m missing the rest of my family – it was so wonderful all being together for 3.5 weeks. I got straight back into the gym this week as I had really missed my workouts. Haven’t done my proper cleaning but just tidying up and a vacuum. Next week I’ll get back into everything properly.

I’ve heard from Kevin a few times – I think he’s missing us – and he’s been having a rough time of it so I hope things improve for him. He did tell me he’s ordered a new camera for me. It’s out of warranty and while he’ll try to fix he’s not sure he’ll be able to (if he does we’ll have a spare). I’m glad because Amy has a special choir performance next week and it’s hard thinking of things to blog without photos.

One thought on “Settling back into routine

  1. I feel the same way after coming home from a fun trip……your trip sounded awesome………thanks for sharing all the fun photos with us..I loved reading all about your adventures.

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