Life would be easier

Life would be easier if only I wasn’t interested in so many things. Today as I was reading though my favourite blogs I realized the conflict. I started off reading some in my “Simple Living” folder and was thinking how I should go through my wardrobe yet again and reduce what I have (after wearing the same 4 outfits for the last month I realize I don’t need as many clothes as I have), spend more times in the veggie garden, and not buy so many “things”. Then I move on my “Fitness” folder and think I should carve out more time in the day for exercise and eating healthier food. Then it’s onto the ‘Home” folder and I’m all inspired to do more baking or buy some new baskets to help with the ongoing organising home project. Then it’s the “Scrapbook” folder and I want to buy more supplies, make more layouts, tidy the scrapbook room. I just seem to go round and round in my thoughts and as you can tell many of them conflict with one another.

I wrote the above this morning and have just returned from shopping. My mission to find a  pair of brown pants for Amy’s choir performance next week. I returned home with some brown pants…..and a dress (for Amy to wear to an upcoming wedding)….and a new hair do!!!! I usually get my hair cut for around $30 but my normal hairdresser couldn’t fit me in so I went to another one in town – $55 for the wash (and sit on the massage chairs), cut and dry. Was definitely something I haven’t done in a very long time. I also had my hair straightened for the first time every – pretty funny when I say I’ve got straight hair but it’s been kicking up at the ends. It’s now in a bob. Can’t share a photo 🙁 due to no camera but I took a photo with my phone as I’m pretty positive it won’t look as good when I do myself :-). Anyway, despite blowing the budget (yet again), I’m feeling pretty good about myself…and that’s got to be a good thing :-).

2 thoughts on “Life would be easier

  1. Libby!!!!

    I could have written the first half of that post (not the second because I didn’t get my haircut today LOL).

    I have so many things I want to do / try / be / want / need and just not enough time / money / energy to do them all.

    I know that I am totally able to obsess about getting back to basics, sticking to a budget etc, and then happily go out and spend money on scrap supplies or something for the boys!

    I will have to keep working on this…

  2. I could have written almost this whole post.. i too want to try so many things. so you’re not alone.. I got a new haircut yesterday.. first time getting my hair straighten too. my hair doesnt look as nice today. it never looks as good as the hairdresser does it.

    oh ya, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the floppy type of muffin tins would work as long as you dont let the kids carry it or you might have everything on the floor. have fun trying it out!!

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