Menu Plan Monday

Very cold and wet in my neck of the woods today. On the downside my computer got a virus and is away to be fixed, on the plus side I have my laptop to use and my new camera (identical to the last one) turned up today.

Last weeks menu plan was a complete fizler. With just myself and Amy to feed (Christy has toast) we took to having VERY easy meals. This week, however, I’m aiming to increase the amount of veggies we eat. I also need to get back to trying some meal recipes – I’ll tackle that next week.

MONDAY: Chili Con Carne (from freezer): Amy having mexi-bean pizza before dancing

TUESDAY: Pumpkin Cannelloni

WEDNESDAY: Spinach & Ricotta Pasta with Cheesy sauce


FRIDAY: Zucchini Slice


SUNDAY: Cheese on Toast

SOUP : Cheesey Potato Chowder and Pumpkin Soup

BAKING : Ginger Cookies

For more great menu idea visit the organizing junkie

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