Decisions, decisions, decisions

I have less than 48 hours to decide if I’m going to go to Heidi Swapp’s Create 08 classes in December. I’d love to go, the main problem is it’s in Brisbane or Melbourne. I decided on Brisbane cause I’d get to meet Chanel, whose blog I read. I had initially thought I’d just fly up and back the same day but since it starts at 8.30am and I have no idea where I’m going I think I’d have to stay over the night before. So now I’m up for the cost of the classes – $240 (loads of goodies included), air fare (hoping to get a cheap rate), parking at the airport, car hire in Brisbane and accomodation. Hmm….. typing all this out I’m thinking it’s really going to cost a bit too much.

2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, decisions

  1. So glad this is a no brainer for me…I’m off to Creative Escape in a month and will have a whole lot of HS going on!!!!!!

    Good luck on your decision, and if it helps, there was no Crafting Connection this year so you saved heaps on that!

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