9 Months Post Op


Wow, 9 months since my weight loss surgery. It’s been an amazing journey. However, if you’ve seen my weight loss graph you’ll see that I’m roughly the same weight I was at the 6 month mark. It’s not like I don’t know why. This is my body’s set point where I can eat what ever I want (remember I can’t eat much at any one time) and my weight stays within 91 and 92kg. Unfortunatley I’ve slipped back into some old habits and enjoying too much baking and cookies/chocolate with my cups of tea. I know what I’m doing wrong but seem unable to turn things around. I realize I have just 3 choices.

1. Accept this weight and maintain where I am now (still 20kg overweight)

2. Substitute the junk for good food and start losing again.

3. Have a bi-pass. My doctor has offered to do this free for any of clients that need it.

Now, I really don’t think I can accept staying at this weight, and I really don’t want to have more surgery so I really need to work on no.2. I still go to gym and have healthy meals – it’s just what I’m eating in between. So this afternoon I’m going to work on a meal plan for the next couple of days and do my utmost to stick to it. I feel kind of funny posting this on my blog but hope it will help keep my accountable.

Basically I need to eat more of this…


and less of this… (mind you it’s been about a year since I bought donuts and I only ate one.. we won’t talk about how many Kevin ate :-))


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