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Well, I can’t believe that it’s the 14th again. Just a month ago we were nearly the end of our trip out at Alice Springs. I’m still waiting on getting the photos printed and can’t wait to start scrapbooking them.

Anyway, on with today. Unfortunately Kevin woke the dogs up around 5am and that it was it – playtime had begun. I had really wanted a sleep in as I didn’t have great night and was awake for an hour or two in the early hours of the morning. Still, with them playing and me with a sore back, I dragged myself out of bed and into my dressing gown and slippers – it’s been very cold here this week. Bailey managed to wee and poo before I got him outside. Not great for the toilet training. On the plus side I didn’t have to go out in the cold.

I got myself a cup of tea, turned on the gas heater and settled in front of the computer for a couple of hours. I also wrote up a list of what I need to get over the next couple of days as we’ve got a busy weekend coming up and old friends coming for lunch on Sunday (when I say old I mean I’ve known these girls since I was 3 years old).

At 7am I went around the house and opened up all the blinds to let the sunshine in. I then had my shower and got dressed for the gym. It might seem strange to shower before the gym but today I’m doing weights and being Winter I don’t get sweaty.

I put on the girls clothes to be washed and took the dogs out for the toilet. Than I ate breakfast at the kitchen bench whilst unpacking the dishwasher and trying to get the girls to tidy up their things that are lying around. There isn’t a lot but it’s causing me some stress as Bailey eats everything he finds.Mornings

Having finally seemed to have motivated them (by threatening to put any there things that I find in the garage) I managed to also some washing up done and the bread started (I make the dough in the breadmaker but cook it in the oven).

Washing up

I had hoped to walk to school but we didn’t have time so we drove.

The girls head to school

After I dropped the girls off I went to the gym (which is right next door to the school). There was hardly anyone in the weights room today (in fact I was on my own for a while). I had a good upper body workout and drove back home.

My gym

My washing was finished so I hung that out (kids clothes today) and put on other load. I only usually do one load a day but Mum & Dad arrived home last night so I’ve got the clothes that we left with them to wash). The dough was also ready so I put in the pan to rise and put another batch in the machine to make some rolls.

I then made myself a protein shake (to aid muscle recovery) and sat at the computer for brief rest.

Libby enjoying a post  workout shake

Next up was cleaning outdoors in preparation for our visitors on Sunday (hopefully the weather will be nice enough to eat outside). I got ride of some cobwebs, swept the patio/ pool area , hosed the patio/pool area (with tank water) and finally mopped the patio/pool area. It gets so dusty outside it’s mission impossible trying to keep it clean. I also cleaned the table and BBQ.


I then threw out some straws for the chickens to play and to check for eggs – none today (unless I got them earlier – can’t remember).


The bread rising was now ready to go into the oven. I sat for a few mins rest at the computer (while eating a banana) then the dough was ready to be made into rolls and left to rise.

Fresh baked bread

Next job for this morning was to clean the guinea pig cage.

Then it was time for Bailey’s first bath – by me anyway. I usually wash the dogs in the shower but thought it might be best to do him in the bath. Not sure it was a great idea. He kept trying to climb out and I ended up just as wet as he did.

Bailey in the bath

Then since it was such a nice day I thought I’d use our new hot water tap and wash Rosie outside. Got even wetter.

Time for some lunch. Had Cheesy Potato Chowder (this years Winter favourite) and a slice of my freshly cooked bread. I have been having lunch while watching the Olympics but I wanted to do some scrapbooking so thought it best NOT to put the TV on. Instead I started typing this up.


Bailey was very tired after his bath.

Bailey sleeping

Somehow I ended up doing the ironing first.


Then I went and scrapbooked a layout about Bailey, and cooked the rolls, before having a visit with Mum & Dad.

I then brought in the washing and hung out the other load before going to pick up the girls. I was too tired to walk so took the dogs in the car and drove up to school.

Home from school we all had a quick snack. I then did Christy’s hair in a bun for ballet.

Christy ready for dancing

We drove to her class.


After dropping her off, Amy and I went to the dance shop to order a dress for her singing concert. The dress maker was very appreciative of all the notice we gave her (we don’t need it to Nov). We had about 1/2 hour to wait for Christy so I read through the Eat Clean Diet and drank my cup of tea.

Home again about 5pm. I had been feeling a bit sore and achy so decided to indulge in a bath. The girls went over to see the grandparents so I go to enjoy it in peace and quiet. It was very nice and relaxing.


I uploaded photos ready for this post. Kevin arrived home shortly afterwards and we went to watch the news to see the Olympic highlights. Then I organised dinner. An easy one tonight – Pumpkin Cannelloni and rice & veggies from the freezer. Worked out well after my busy day.

Dinner was cleaned up and I sat and watch TV while typing this up on my laptop. After my early start this morning I imagine I’ll be heading to bed rather promptly and hope to read a couple of pages.

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