I did it

Finally, I managed a day of eating only healthy foods.

The day started off with a great workout at the gym. I was there at 6am and did 20min interval training on the bike, then 5 mins on the rower. Came home, got the dogs and took them on a short walk.

I did face a bit of a challenge around lunchtime. I was hungry and out with Granny doing her grocery shopping. When we stopped in the biscuit isle it was all I could do to keep my hands off those yummy looking packets. But I did. And came home and had a lovely salad made with lettuce fresh picked from my garden.


As you can see from my food diary I did a bit of snacking today but I made sure I made good choices. I’m rather proud of myself as it’s been a real battle to get one day of fairly clean eating under my belt. And just look at all those cups of tea and not a cookie or piece of chocolate in sight :-).

Food Diary

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