Muffin Tin Monday


Well, it’s time again for Muffin Tin Monday. The girls loved doing it last week and Christy in fact made her own snacks using muffin tins a couple of other times during the week – which is great for a fussy eater like her.

Todays theme was breakfast. Monday wasn’t the best day for us to it but I managed (after getting back from an early morning workout at the gym) . We had french toast fingers, pikelets with jam and cream, babybell cheese, fruit and a few chocolate biscuits (well, the kids did). There was also yoghurt for Amy but she didn’t eat it. Once again the girls thought it was great fun and have already asked if we can the snack one on Tuesday afternoon as well.

2 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday

  1. are you australian?? cause they never know what pikelets are!! I made them for muffin tin monday a while ago!! hee hee… we need more aussies here to keep them on their toes!!

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