A Love of Ironing


Well, love might be too strong a word, but I can’t be the only woman who likes ironing. Or am I? I actually don’t think I know of anyone else who does. Please let me know I’m not alone…

I was introduced to ironing by my Mum. She PAID me to do it. I used to do the ironing every Saturday morning while watching music videos. So maybe that’s why I enjoy it – it has memorable connotations – money and music!!! Funnily enough my Mum doesn’t like ironing and she irons EVERYTHING. I too used to iron everything, but when my girls were young a fellow flybaby pointed out the fact that some things really DON’T need ironed. So I don’t iron everything. I don’t iron DH work shirts (they go straight on hangers after washing), I don’t iron PJs – unless they really need it, and I definitely don’t iron sheets (though will occasionally do a quilt cover). Everything else gets ironed. I find all up it takes less than an hour a week.

At our old house I used to iron outside (well, it was a flyscreen room under our house). The girls would paint or play outside while I did my thing. This worked well as it was right beside our laundry. I then carried all the clothes upstairs. I miss being able to that. But I do LOVE my current laundry…well, I did design it afterall.

Nowadays I use my ironing time as my thinking time. My mind is free to think about whatever. Kevin recently got me an I-Phone so yesterday I actually listened to a flylady podcast while ironing, which was quite motivating.

Last Summer I taught Amy how to iron and it was a novelty for a about a fortnight before she got bored with it. Maybe when she’s older I’ll pay her too…. but I personally I think I’d miss my ironing sessions.

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