Todays challenge

tea at the computer

…. staying away from the computer.

Having kids home from school and feeling lazy this week has found me sitting on my backside in front of the computer for far too many hours this week. In fact according to rescue time I have already logged over 26 hours since last Sunday (and it didn’t count Thursday for some reason). That’s a whole day on the computer – mind you Amy has been using it a bit as well so it’s not ALL me. But today I am going to turn it off (now that’s I’ve read most of my blogsa and checked my e-mail). Instead I plan to do some scrapbooking, maybe start work on my Christmas Notebook (since quite a few bloggers have started talking about Christmas in recent weeks and I’ve already bought a few presents). I also need to vacuum, help the kids tidy their stuff up and get a few groceries for lunch tomorrow (we’re having visitors). Okay, I’m hitting the shutdown button as soon as I publish this. And I won’t be back till much later this afternoon – I PROMISE!!!

UPDATE : I managed to stay away from the computer until 4.45pm but for some reason I still didn’t seem to get much accomplished. I did have a nice day though.

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